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Get clear, crisp printouts from your USB stick, email account, or directly from one of our in-house computers. We use the latest technology to ensure you receive the highest quality, super-fast printing and photocopying. We can print on matte or semi-gloss
photographic paper, offer a selection of printing sizes, from A4 to large format printing, including poster size.
Using our Wi-Fi on your phone? Well you can print directly from that too! Further details upon request.
(Madhu – Poster Sizes and Prices to be added here.)

3D Printer Provided by Tyndall National Institute

webworkhouse.com is home to a state of the art, 3D printer, provided by the Tyndall National Institute, UCC, to promote science to young people. 3D printing is the technique of creating solid, 3 dimensional objects from a digital file. webworkhouse.com, hosts a free DesignerDojo every Sunday from 10am until 1pm, for young people to avail of this amazing piece of technology.