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IT Services

VoIP service

VoIP (Voice-over-IP) services, has become an increasingly popular form of communication, since the introduction of Skype. Now you can receive the benefits of a VOIP service in your home or office, enabling you to make all your communication via your internet connection, thus avoiding the charges made by normal telephone services.

webworkhouse.com, can install an intercom system that will perform with your current PBX system or alternatively, with IP phones. This will allow you to speak with a client abroad, in real time, or host a video call without worrying about an unreliable connection (specific hardware required).

Thin Client

Thin Client is a diskless desktop terminal, with none of the usual features expected on a desktop PC. All applications, memory etc., are stored on a server and not on the client itself. This allows companies the opportunity to reduce the cost of investment, utilising Thin Client as a cost effective way of replacing your PC technology. Thin Client may also be operated for gaming.

Network Infrastructure, Design and Configuration

If you’re still using traditional methods for connecting to the internet, it’s probably time you upgraded your infrastructure and moved over to fibre optic broadband. Speeding up your overall network, with internet access speeds of up to 100 times faster, is not the only reason to upgrade (although it is a good one). The network itself is far more reliable and robust than your standard broadband, improving the parameters of existing bandwidth and reducing latency, both of which greatly affect your network performance. Basically, Fibre carries more data at faster speeds.

Using NUMT as the registered telecom provider, we can handle IP transit and sever location. You will also be safe in the knowledge that data security is a high priority for us, providing you with 1 -3 factor id authentication.

Upgrading is simple. Contact us on +353 (0)21 427 3090 for further details