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GLS Parcel Shop

webworkhouse.com serves as a GLS ParcelShop. GLS provide a reliable, high-quality parcel service as well as express deliveries. With twenty-one subsidiaries and further partner companies, GLS offers parcel dispatch within Ireland and to a further thirty-five European countries. With the added bonus of charging by a parcel’s size as opposed to weight, making GLS the most economical way of shipping your items within Ireland and the rest of Europe.

The maximum parcel size is a whopping, 2m long x 60cm high and 80cm wide, with no weight restriction. The maximum price charged to a European destination is €56, making it cheaper to send your suitcase abroad with GLS, rather than checking it in on a flight. Ryanair Charge €45 for an online booking and €75 for a call centre or airport booking of a 20kg bag during peak season.

Abiding by its founding principles of transparency, reliability, flexibility and security, GLS is a standard bearer in the parcel service and delivery business. Its intelligent IT system allows customers to track their packages as they head for their destinations, so you will have the peace of mind of knowing where it is.

Parcels are delivered within a 24 to 96 hour time frame, depending upon their destination. If a parcel’s receiver is not available when delivery takes place, after a second attempt, the parcel will be delivered to the nearest GLS parcel shop, ready for collection at the recipients’ convenience.

GLS ParcelShop Prices
Parcel prices, custom-made. It depends on the size! At GLS, the parcel prices for dispatching from the Parcel Shops are calculated by the size, not by the weight.

From XS (extra Small), to XL (extra Large), the parcels are divided into five different sizes with five price-categories.

The size of your parcel is determined in your ParcelShop, by the longest and shortest sides of the package being measured, and added together.

There are five different price-categories in relation to the five size-categories, independent of the weight. Maximum weight allowance is 30 kg for a parcel with a destination in Ireland and 50 kg elsewhere in Europe, with a maximum charge of €56. Your parcel is insured for liability to the value of the goods, up to a maximum of €350.

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